2nd World Ayahuasca Conference in Rio Branco (Acre, Brazil)

World Ayahuasca Conference in Rio Branco (Acre, Brazil)

ChemicalYouth members Piera Talin, Moritz Berning and Emilia Sanabria participated in the second World Ayahuasca Conference held in the Brazilian Amazon (Rio Branco, Acre): http://www.ayaconference.com/?lang=en

The conference gathered 700 participants, indigenous leaders, representatives of the Brazilian ayahuasca churches, anthropologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, filmmakers and the broader ayahuasca community to explore the stakes of the current globalisation of ayahuasca and examine scientific knowledge on the uses and therapeutic benefits of ayahuasca.

Piera Talin and Emilia Sanabria presented the findings of the research they conducted in the context of ChemicalYouth to the conference in Portuguese: A Eficácia Entrelaçada da Ayahuasca: Os Efeitos Serotonérgicos de Cuidados Rituais na Cura da Dependência Química